Retouching and Post-Production in 24 hours

4-Clip Focus, articles and insights on clipping, image processing and post production

The correct framing

A tip for your images and e-commerce site: the golden section

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Clipping and post-production images of shoes

Shoes are among the most purchased fashion products online, which is why the images must be perfect.

Photoshop: can we do without it?

Who knows what the world would be like without Photoshop and all the photo editing programs.

The right color to sell

Knowing colors and tones helps sales strategies.

Optimize a single photo shoot for e-commerce

From a single photographic shot you can obtain several different images, with different tones

Post production and photographic cropping for print and web

Even the eye wants its part and the first impression is what counts!

Photo editing: an indispensable activity to sell more.

In order to have perfect images small retouches are allowed, as long as the real characteristics of the reference product are maintained.

Images for ecommerce site.

Here are our 10 tips to have perfect images for an ecommerce site and increase conversions.

How to optimize images.

An automated service to get better images

When the excess of retouch is bad

Photo editing programs are like addictions: once you make constant, daily use of them, you won't be able to do without them.