4-Clip, cropping, retouching and image post-production in 24 hours
Retouching and Post-Production in 24 hours

Photo editing: an indispensable activity to sell more.


In order to have perfect images small retouches are allowed, as long as the real characteristics of the reference product are maintained.

Everywhere we are surrounded by communication: along the streets, in shopping malls, even at home, through computers and televisions. Continuous and different advertising messages that little or much take on weight in our purchasing decisions.
But among the many proposals, what is it that guides us towards a choice?
If we analyze well we can see that the path we have taken has something more than the others: good images, professional, real, in a few words beautiful. These images caught our attention and we responded to the message in a positive way, recognizing its value.
often, the production of these images required many hours of retouching, a fundamental activity for the sale of the products, especially if the distribution channel is e-commerce.

4-Clip, the automated image editing portal, offers a 'retouch' tool that gives you multiple image editing options. It keeps the image intact, perfecting only small specific parts of photography.
It is a useful tool for fashion and cosmetics industry because:

  • It allows you to correct facial imperfections such as dark circles;

  • Lights the weight of the veins on the body of the model;

  • attenuates the shadows of the bones of the body;

  • eliminates skin blemishes, such as stretch marks.

It has functionality that can be used on clothing and footwear as well, in fact:

  • adapts the size of the shoes to the foot of the model;

  • shape and straighten clothing symmetrically;

  • removes creases from clothing;

In order to have perfect images, small retouches are permissible, as long as the real characteristics of the reference product are maintained. It is a philosophy similar to that of restoration, in which retouching is used to restore works of art and to make them aesthetically better or reusable. These operations are not invasive but rather, conservative of a history, they serve to sell but without telling lies.

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