4-Clip, cropping, retouching and image post-production in 24 hours
Retouching and Post-Production in 24 hours

Optimize a single photo shoot for e-commerce


How to get diverse, real, detailed and professional images with a single shot.

For any business, the first principle is customer satisfaction, and it's critical to put the stakeholder experience at the center of attention. The cost of recovering lost customers is higher than the cost of retaining loyal ones. It is therefore a good practice to be able to meet all the needs and create good links and networks in a societing perspective, especially in the current historical period, in which users are constantly connected to the brand and its reputation.

For a company, whether it is a producer of goods or services, the customization of the offer is the feature that creates added value compared to the competition, and consequently increases the company's profitability.

You who embrace this philosophy, or who are considering adopting it as a branding strategy, will have found yourself, or will find yourself, compiling catalogs and filling the shelves of your e-shop to the fullest in order to gain as many buyers as possible.

This exercise requires a complex and time-consuming workflow that includes photographing each individual product (the same but different in color), arranging each photo, and finally publishing it. A slow and redundant process that enlarges the delivery time and occupies a resource constantly on a single project.

Haven't you ever thought about using a single shot to get several different objects? With Photoshop you can create precise traces of the items and make color corrections. In this way with a single photograph you can get different images and products. We at 4Clip can also carry out such an exercise. In fact, if you provide us with the color sample and the shade you want, we will produce the entire range of articles in the specified colors. It's a tool that can be used in the fashion industry, but also in furniture and homewares. It's a kind of strategy that confirms the Pareto principle, i.e. achieving maximum results with minimum effort.

Whether it's a color sample or a color swatch, we can do it.

Whether it's a paper catalog or a digital catalog, the consumer experiences it by sight alone.

So you can choose:

  • display the model in the trendy color in the foreground and prepare a palette with the available colors in the description;
  • give the possibility to choose the model in the color that the potential customer prefers

In the latter case, the user is presented with a virtually real, detailed and professional image. He does not have to make any effort to imagine or deceive the uncertainty, but has the clear definition of the characteristics and value that the object possesses. An example can be found in the automotive sector, where it is possible to configure the car model you want, with the options you need, your preferred color and the best accessories. The active participation of the customer moves from imagination to the actual creation of the object of desire. The first impression is crucial, and if it happens in an indirect way, you have to deal with the images as well.

With the powers of 4Clip you can have the whole range of products in different colors, with the speed and simplicity with which a chameleon changes color.

4Clip enhances your images

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