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The right color to sell


Knowing colors and tones helps sales strategies.

In the previous article it was made clear how easy it is to change the color of objects in a few moves and in no time with 4Clip. But deciding to change the appearance of things is not as trivial an action as it might seem. The change of color accompanies a change in meanings and concepts.

Color has physical characteristics as well as psychological and cultural implications that can be critical to whether or not a message is effective. The choice of one color over another can be interpreted in different ways depending on each reader's knowledge and experience.

A change in color is not just a matter of color.

A color changes in meaning depending on the geographic area or location to which that particular message is addressed. So you have to pay close attention to your target audience when creating a communication product.

Color has an effect on the body and on psychological attitudes. Our attitudes are influenced by our experience but also by the cultural context in which we live. From an early age, we are taught that warm colors connote energy and power; cool colors are for peace of mind and tranquility; and soft colors, such as pastels, are reassuring and inspire confidence. These principles are indicated by chromotherapy, a discipline that generally traces the psychological effects of colors on our psychophysical state. The same guidelines are also followed in graphic and web design for product sales, since the same correct combination of hues can influence buying behavior.

Over the years, humans have attributed specific meanings to colors that translate the environment around us in an almost iconic way. We don't need to pay particular attention to things, because unconsciously our neurophysical apparatus recognizes them as soon as it comes into contact with them. An Italian example are the colors of traffic lights. The red of the stop, the green of the go and the orange of the attention we find in other communicative occasions, to which we attribute the same meanings because our visual experience and knowledge refers us to the same concept.

It is precisely because of this phenomenon that it is important to know the connotative meanings that each color has. Thus, simply by means of this code we can communicate a more or less clear message and achieve the desired objectives.

As far as Western society is concerned, for example, the color red is stimulating and increases the heart rate and breathing. It is a warm color that is often used in the restaurant industry as it increases appetite and thus entices consumers to buy. It is the color that provokes more emotions and positive feelings and in fact we find it as the dominant color in Neapolitan websites that present pizza around the world. It is essential to avoid red when communicating medical, health and financial products because red in economics is never synonymous with growth.

On the other hand, it is very suitable for emphasizing discount products, as its visual impact is so strong that it accelerates purchases.

The color orange always communicates a lot of vibrancy and power but the effects on humans are not as overpowering as the previous color. Orange is used to communicate something that gives confidence, precisely because it is a very welcoming color. And for this reason several financial activities adopt it for their communication. This color also incentivizes people to take actions and is therefore often used to lead to call-to-action.

Yellow is synonymous with warmth, vivacity, cheerfulness. 0a reassuring color precisely because it expresses a friendly feeling. Used with the maximum gradation is used to communicate with the audience of children. Otherwise, it is also found in the field of antiques to connote precisely something exploited and linked to the past. It is a color that captures attention and if combined with black its communicative power is raised even more. In traditional store windows it is used to lead consumers inside the store.

Brown is a warm color and associated with nature and Mother Earth. It is used to sell durable, stable, solid products because it is also the color of wood. In lighter shades it refers to comfort and well-being. Combined with light shades it is very elegant and used to express the concept of rustic. Many pubs and taverns use this color to promote themselves on the web, because it recalls familiar and homely environments. Being a very strong and dark color it matches the virility of men. For this reason, many accessories for sports, cars or men's clothing are promoted in virtual places of this hue.

The color pink goes well with little girls, women, and anything that brings back romance. In lighter shades it can be used to express kindness, relaxation and harmony. It is used on sites that sell feminine items, very popular in cosmetics and lingerie. In the form of shock pink it has a very strong impact and intrigues and for this reason it is adopted by several communication agencies.

Cool colors include blue, which connotes tranquility, peace and well-being. For these reasons, websites that adopt this color sell products for care, wellness and relaxation. It is a color that inspires trust and confidence and in fact is used to present financial, real estate and healthcare services.

The green is the color of nature. Those who relate to this color experience moments of calm and stability. It is a positive and reassuring color. It is combined with the soothing and refreshing potential of products. Like blue, it is used to promote financial and real estate activities, as well as the whole organic world.

The purple has several connotations, very distant from each other. It is synonymous with nobility and wealth, but also with creativity and imagination. It is an elegant color that women like very much and because it is derived from red, it connotes passion and romance, in the home and in relationships.

Another classification is that of the neutral colors.

The white brings to mind purity, cleanliness, innocence and simplicity. It conveys elegance, essentiality and is used in some graphic designs in a very sophisticated way. It is the most popular neutral color on websites, because with it you can combine all possible colors, without causing disturbance and distraction.

Many photographers use this color to promote themselves, because it enhances the photos more. White combined with black creates very elegant environments that can work in multiple areas. Black, in fact, contains the opposite meanings of the previous color. Mystery, aggression, fear and death. It is a heavy color, but it too is often used by photographers to enhance photographic projects. When combined with very shocking colors it is synonymous with originality and creativity.

The grey is the meeting of joy and sorrow, good and evil and conveys elegance and luxury. It is used by those businesses that want to communicate their prestige. Popular among freelancers such as notaries, lawyers, architects and some designers, because this color infuses wisdom and experience and thus helps to emphasize prowess.

Blacksymbolizes elegance, mystery and power. It is one of the most widely used colors in business, especially within the fashion world because it is able to give the brand a mysterious elegance.

In the end, the color has a huge evocative power and influence us unconsciously: according to Kissmetrics, 85% of buyers choose a product based on its color. All the more reason to use 4Clip and make your images better.

"Color is to the eye what music is to the ear"


Louis Comfort Tiffany 

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