Retouching and Post-Production in 24 hours

Post production for agencies and photographers, image professionals

A valuable service to improve image quality

4-Clip is an interesting opportunity for agencies and photographers who need to outsource part of their production to ensure a consistent workflow in terms of time, and competitive in terms of money.
It offers services such as contour cutting, colour optimisation through to retouching and image reconstruction.

The variety of the offer includes 11 services organised in packages with different price modulations depending on the services required and the amount of images processed.

For agencies and photographers it may also be of interest the coding, categorisation, image archiving service, construction of a shared DAM database that can be configured as required, in other words a media hub for centralising and sharing all images.

4CLIP partner of photographers

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Ritocco immagine food e cucina
Pulizia fotografia di ritratti e viso
Immagine di prodotto di moda
miglioramento immagine di prodotto
Fotoritocco immagine automobile
Pulizia immagine di architettura di interni
Ritocco immagine glamour
Pulizia immagine di vino

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