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Clipping Path

When it comes to clipping path, attention to detail is essential to create a realistic image.

The Clipping Path is used to change or remove the background of an image. It is a vector shape used mostly in Photoshop to separate the subject of the photo from its background. It is one of the most common image post production services.

Why is the Clipping Path important?

Although it is always recommended to have the images of the products for online sale taken by a true professional, able to calibrate the lights, use the backgrounds, enhance the details, often we resort to free applications or the use of the magic wand photoshop to create quick selections. However, with these systems it is not possible to obtain the same result as a professional clipping path and subsequent color processing is compromised.

How do you make a professional Clipping Path?

The best way to make a professional Clipping Path is to use Photoshop's “Pen Tool”, drawing all the lines by hand. After obtaining a precise path on the article within the photo, it can be transformed into a selection that allows you to isolate the subject from the background. This way you can then whiten the background or change it to a different background.

When the object to be cut out has very jagged or fuzzy edges (hair, fur, fur) or even is almost transparent, the processing is more complex. You need to work with a strong magnification of the image and draw many anchor points around the required area.

Who needs a Clipping Path service?

It is essential for agencies and photographers who have to outsource part of the production, to ensure a constant workflow in terms of delivery and quality.

It is also a necessary service for industries producing consumer goods to publish their products in the best quality, both in their company catalogs and on the website. It is even more so for online commerce because the image is the only attraction and must be professionally cared for.

The Clipping Path is one of the many services offered by 4Clip in 4 formulations: simple, standard, pro, premium.

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