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A tip for your images and e-commerce site: the golden section

Some of our customers, who pay a lot of attention to the care of images to be published on their online store, often ask us for advice, opinions, impressions. They seem not to be very satisfied with their online shop window. 

In this article we will try to investigate how important is the arrangement of objects, their shape, proportion.

Whether you sell in a traditional store or an e-shop, you must think of your storefront as something to read. There must be an order, a certain rigor, parate texts that lead the reading, reference colors, a certain lettering, light and spaces. All must simplify the readability, because then the consumer can find all the information without having to ask and waste time. In this way he can proceed with the purchase immediately, without any second thoughts. Otherwise he may feel abandoned and lost and the risk is that he leaves the cart empty.

Reasoning now only for an e-commerce, you have to remember that the comprehensibility of a text is influenced by several factors. From the design of the layout, to the composition of the font to an overall layout in tune with the photographs and colors.

It is important to create a page architecture that communicates immediately to the recipient of the message, who will then be prompted to easily perform the call-to-action you want.

As with a magazine, it is necessary to outline repetitive and consistent margins and forms. The goal is to ensure uniformity between pages and consistent harmony between and within them. When constructing a page, whether paper or digital, the concepts of symmetry, harmony of relationships, and balance between solids and voids must always inspire logical design.

The mathematical proportion that holds the secret to beauty and aesthetic harmony is the Golden Section. It is adopted in various fields of the visual arts: in painting, in sculpture, in photography. The wonderful thing about it is that it is found in nature and it makes you breathless.

Those who manage to adopt the golden rule in communication have a sure positive feedback, since everything that is created on the golden section is contagious of harmony and visual pleasantness. So it's not an impossible idea, nor is it a pipe dream, to adopt the layout of your e-commerce to the golden proportions.

It's about drawing specific areas, ordered and peculiar one from the other. It's always a matter of order, rigor and visual enjoyment.

It's all about order, rigor and visual enjoyment.

With golden proportions, we can attribute the right measurements for each space.

Example of application golden section in an e-commerce site

Example of application of golden section on product sheet

Think about a magazine: its sense of reading, what strikes you, what makes it flow. For a web design project, the rules to apply are similar: instead of juxtaposing words and punctuation, you need to think about placing image boxes next to each other. The spaces must have the same characteristics: the same height, the same width, the same background, the same frame, the same resolution, in order to accommodate them neatly within a dedicated space.

You can opt to reserve a fixed space for the articles on offer or for those of the new collection, but you must always reason in logical terms so as not to be overwhelmed by enthusiasm or the desire to sell and communicate. And then you have to remember that if your users perform a search by category (it happens most of the time), all the items will move and rebuild a new page customized for the user. If these items were not previously given the right space, the transformation can create chaos and the user can get lost and disoriented.

By neglecting these tricks it can happen that when you start to insert images in your e-commerce you will discover that they are unbalanced, out of proportion, with different resolutions, with different frames and borders. You don't want your e-shop to look like a huge cauldron? If a potential customer, on your ecommerce, doesn't find the desired item in the first two minutes of navigation, he will abandon you to turn to the competition.

Of course, the golden section can also be applied vertically depending on the layout you want to give to the site. However, in both cases the division with these proportions leads the reader to see things in the order you thought and to perform the actions you want.

Once you've applied the golden formula, you need a lot of patience and time to arrange each item individually. You must have professional photos that occupy equal space on the page. You have to give them all the measures and margins that enhance them. You can do this by hand in Photoshop or have it done in our automated 4Clip portal with the Outline and Margin Selection tool.

We guarantee you professionalism, security and savings, both in terms of time and money. In addition to a purely aesthetic issue, it is important to place the images in a certain limited space to show the value and meaning of each one and to avoid difficulties in readability and use: that is, it is necessary to attribute the beginning and the end, like the frame in a painting or the margins in a book.

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