4-Clip, cropping, retouching and image post-production in 24 hours
Retouching and Post-Production in 24 hours

Clipping and post-production images of shoes


Shoes are among the most purchased fashion products online, which is why the images must be perfect.

Did you know? On the web, people buy mainly electronic products, fashion and footwear. Specifically, sneakers are the most popular shoes: this is the result of one of the latest reports made by Idealo, a portal that compares prices.

Among the best-selling products in 2021, in view of fashion trends, there will be with high probability the mesh sneakers, i.e. sneakers characterized by a fabric with a mesh pattern.

Online shopping for shoes is becoming more and more popular because it allows you to take your time to look at all the variants of the product, compare prices and compare different sites to find the best deal, without having to go to the physical store.

Customers know very well that by buying a pair of shoes online they are giving up a lot: they cannot see how they match with the clothing, they cannot try them on and compare them with other articles, they cannot touch the shoe itself, they cannot smell it... and for all these reasons it is important that the image is of good quality, as faithful as possible to the original.

Slippers, ballerinas, slippers, espadrilles, flip flops, loafers, mules, pumps, sandals, brogues & oxfords, lace-ups, sneakers, boots... If you have an online footwear store but also a traditional business and you want to get better images for your flyers, brochures and leaflets, take advantage of our services of contouring, background removal, color changes, retouching and cleaning.

And your shoes will fit perfectly, at first glance!

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