4-Clip, cropping, retouching and image post-production in 24 hours
Retouching and Post-Production in 24 hours

Photos for fashion magazines: how to improve them

In fashion magazines and websites photos should always be of the highest quality in order to enhance the product

Photos in fashion photography today is considered an art form, but the main use of the shots is always through websites, catalogs, magazines. A photographic set is expensive, involves many people and there are always operations that are transferred to post production:

  • outlines
  • color enhancements
  • shadows
  • shadows
  • insertions

model photography, retouching and post production of images for fashion magazines

This is a very time-consuming and professional activity and to help companies in this process of aesthetic care, 4Flying has developed the 4-Clip service, a service for image processing, ideal for improving images for fashion magazines.

4-Clip offers services such as contouring, color optimization up to retouching and image reconstruction, all within an automated and customizable workflow.

The offer includes 11 services organized in packages with different price modulations, depending on the services required and the amount of images processed.
The photographer may require special processing in order to maintain his style and method, both in terms of colour and file management.

The professional photo retouching service for fashion images has clear and transparent prices, with a wide choice of additional processing. It is done within 72 hours and delivery is guaranteed within 24 hours in case of request.

In addition to these services, 4 Flying Group can offer Digital Asset Management solutions to maintain an orderly and secure archive of your images.

4-Clip enhances your images

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