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Retouching and Post-Production in 24 hours

Mannequin retouching for website

The use of mannequins for photographic shots involves a series of post-production activities.

Mannequin retouching, what will it be?
If h in an e-commerce site or a web shop window for clothing, you may have had to face the problem of the label placed inside the garment.

In fact, when you place the garment with a "V" or round neck on the mannequin (or on the wearer), the latter covers the inner back of the shirt, leaving hidden a part that the consumer could and would like to see. 

Then you need to:

  • take a photo of the article on the mannequin;
  • take a front photo of the same item without the mannequin;
  • start Photoshop and open the image;
  • on the first photo remove the mannequin pieces;
  • on the second photo, cut out the part to add to the first;
  • join the two photos, studying lights, shadows and details to make the image as realistic as possible.

When the items to be processed start to be numerous, all these steps can slow down your work and lengthen preparation times.
The 4Clip portal allows you to halve the actions and timing.

You can touch up the mannequin in 3 simple steps:

  1. photograph the garment on the mannequin;
  2. photograph the same garment from the front without the mannequin;
  3. subscribe to the 4-Clip portal and upload the two photos to complete the retouch.

Our operators will remove the part that the mannequin occupies on the item and replace it with the missing detail recovered from the other photograph.

Mannequin immages

If you need a mannequin retouching service for your website , e-commerce or paper catalogs, 4Clip is the portal for you.

Contact us for pricing or to describe your particular needs. We are sure to be able to solve them.

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