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Retouching and Post-Production in 24 hours

Image color conversion

Color conversion is a necessary operation to make the colors in print match.

The colors we see on our monitors are not the same as the colors we get on paper. Why?

Because the monitor and the printer produce different sets of colors that partly match and partly do not. In practice, there are colors that you can't see on the monitor but in print you can (an example is 100% Cyan) and vice versa, such as saturated green.

It is therefore impossible to print the colors of the monitor because the monitor itself does not reproduce some colors that the printer can print.

To make the monitor-paper correspondence as faithful as possible, in addition to a perfect calibration of the monitor, a color conversion of the images is necessary.

The color conversion is not included in the hardware and must be done with a software that is able to rely on the monitor profile and the printer profile. But this alone is not enough to guarantee a good result. Digital images must be treated, corrected, improved and, if necessary, modified. For all this there is 4Clip, a complete service for quality images.

4-Clip enhances your images

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